What Men Really Want

What’s going on inside his head doesn’t have to be a puzzle!

What Men Really Want ? Men are those mysterious creatures which drive the women to distraction. We spend hours, days, even years of our lives trying to interpret their signals. And that’s a big part of the problem: We’re interpreting. We filter what little information our man does provide through our own feminine lens. What he’s saying (or not saying) is perfectly clear — to him. But what we hear gets distorted through our own hopes, fears and expectations for the relationship. Oh yes, and through our distinctly female values.

No wonder we end up with more questions than answers!

Now you don’t have to give up on ever understanding your man – or men in general. From questions about attraction and intimacy to views on work, family, friends and faith, ocfilmco shines an impartial light on men’s innermost thoughts, desires, fears and motivations.

This Documentary Movie answers all your burning questions about the men in your life, such as:

  • Is sex really that important?
  • Why is it so hard to express how they feel?
  • How do they define their manhood?
  • Where does faith fit into their lives?
  • Do the answers change as men age?
  • … and many more you didn’t even think to ask!

OCFilmco has made a documentary film about what men want most in relationships and life. The purpose of our blog is to offer insights for questions about “What is Christian Dating” and “What is a Christian marriage”

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What men really want depends on the type of person that you are dealing with or thinking about. Those who seek the Lord in all the days of their lives will greatly desire what is right and pleasing unto Him. And in how he handles in getting to know you, he will make sure that it is all done in the right ways and not otherwise. When you find him, you know you are blessed.